Christmas Solo Piano Music for the Holidays

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‘December’ is the third album by Justin Page Wood. It features five solo piano songs. This holiday solo piano music was written for Christmas time. ‘December’ features a variety of modern, new age, and jazz styles.

Dark Blue

‘Dark Blue’ is the second full-length piano album. It features both solo piano music and vocals. ‘Dark Blue’ was released in December 2012.


‘Grey’ is the first full-length solo piano album. It features 10 original solo piano songs. It was released in May 2012.


‘Seaview’ is a solo piano EP. It features three solo piano songs. Two were written for a private audience and released privately. ‘Seaview’ was released in February 2013.

Justin Page Wood ∙ Solo Piano Music

Justin is a solo piano artist. He has been writing original solo piano music since age 12. In 2012, he released his first solo piano album, ‘Grey.’ It features 10 original piano songs. Just six months later, he recorded his second album, ‘Dark Blue.’ This second album combines solo piano with vocals. His piano songs are inspired by his writings from other instruments. These instruments include guitar, cello, drums, and saxophone. Justin aims toward a simple, modern style of solo piano music. He blends jazz, classical, new age, and ambient influences. He recently finished his third album ‘December,’ another solo piano album. ‘December’ was composed for the Holiday season. It features three original compositions and two Christmas covers. Listen to all of Justin’s solo piano albums here >

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